Thursday, March 8, 2007

What is it they say about death and taxes?

It seems to me there is some line concerning the only two things in life that are certain - death and taxes. Well, sometimes it seems like taxes are going to be the death of me!! We've actually now gotten everything lined up for our "Tax Lady" and should get that sent off tomorrow - yippee!! My poor husband has really done the lion's share of the work, but with clergy taxes there's a fair amount I needed to get together too. I keep telling myself I should devise a better system for keeping track of things during the year - and then I don't devise that system. Hmmmm.......... It does really feel good when we get it all together and have some sense of being finished, allowing our tax lady to do her magic and get it all sent off and taken care of. Of course, we hope there isn't more to pay! I keep telling myself I'm going to devise all sorts of plans for things; keeping records, cataloging recipes, photo albums, organizing closets just to name a few. But there are always so many other interesting things to do that I never seem to get around to those tasks. Even when I'm not working, we seem to be busy and then when I do have time I'd much rather read, watch a movie, play scrabble or visit with my children or grandchildren. Guess that means those tasks are really not high on my priority list. They are just things I'd like to get done 'someday.' I think because of working with dying patients and their families, I've developed a sense that life is vulnerable and we should enjoy it as much as we can while we are here. For me family is always a priority - if I have something I need to do I will usually drop it when my daughter asks me to come watch the grandkids. I can always do tasks, but I don't ever get enough time to just play with the grandchildren. It's so much fun to be a part of their lives. I grew up without grandparents for the most part. My dad's dad lived about ten miles from us, but I only saw him a few times in my life and they never came to visit. The few times I did see them it was clear we were not held in very high esteem because of my father's alcoholism and our resulting poverty. It's sad because I love the stories of 'beloved grandparents' that I have heard over the years and I think how much better my life might have been if I had that unconditional love. But rather than live with regret, I choose to commit to being the favorite "Nana" of my grandchildren and giving them all the love I possibly can as often as I can!

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