Saturday, March 17, 2007

Favorite things

I was thinking today about some of the things I like most in life - like the simple pleasure of hugging. My grandchildren are good at this, hugging, squeezing, and cuddling. I was with the kids on Thursday and Friday, and whenever I'm sitting anywhere one of them (or more) are always sitting on my lap, sitting beside me cuddling under my arm, or as close to me as possible. Now that there are three it gets a little tricky for the lap when they all want to be with Nana at the same time! Other favorite things are having a meal together with friends. That's always been one of my favorites - and I miss some of my friends in other places because the opportunity for a meal together becomes more difficult. The meals are usually good, but in my mind it's the conversation; the laughter, the serious, the difficult, the funny - all of it makes it a social occasion that is different than any other. It brings people together and creates community. Other favorite things: walking outdoors, especially in a natural setting where there are trees, rocks, water, wind; music - soothing, relaxing, beautiful; drinking hot tea on a really cold day sitting near the fireplace; reading a good novel; the touch of a beloved; the smell of a baby; holding the hand of the dying; the taste of really good food...... I just realized that this list is going to get very large! It's fun to begin thinking about favorite things - I realize now that Maria's song from "Sound of Music" called favorite things is true. Just listing these things has created a sense of happiness and peace within me. I think I will try this when I'm feeling down!! Oh, that's another favorite thing - a really good movie!

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