Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I've started exercising in the last few weeks and I'm finding I enjoy it. I love to walk outside as soon as the weather gets nice, but mostly in the winter I don't do much as far as exercise is concerned. That's just not healthy! So, I did buy a rebounder (small trampoline) and I bought some walking videos - and I walk on my rebounder. I actually tried the walking videos without the rebounder and my legs hurt so badly during the night I kept getting cramps and waking up! With the rebounder my legs don't ache at all. But, I wonder about why I'm so unmotivated to exercise. It's strange, because when I force myself to do it I actually enjoy it and feel so much better. I also notice that I eat less and have more energy. So why is it such a chore? It's not at all a chore when I can be out in the fresh air and walk - that's always been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. Especially when I lived in Duluth and could walk by Lake Superior. I am a nature person, and it seems that's where I do my best meditation - and usually when I'm walking. Indoors, of course, isn't as interesting - and certainly not as nice as having the fresh air outside. But the benefits of feeling good, eating less and having more energy should certainly all be motivators, so why aren't they? I have wondered about this many times over my life. I am not lazy, but I do have to force myself to exercise. So, if any of you blog readers out there have any wisdom on this one - let me know!

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