Sunday, March 11, 2007

Art and Spirituality

The St. Cloud camera club had an open house and photography show focused on spirituality at the Spirit of Life Art Gallery. The Spirit of Life Church is one of the Unitarian Universalist congregations in St. Cloud. The photography show was an interesting display, with a variety of images. Some of my favorites: the very wrinkled, knobby hands of an old woman; the baptism of a dark haired baby by a white haired pastor; a rustic carved Madonna from South America; an abandoned gas station/convenience store with the sign "Are you ready for Jesus?"; a field of wild daisies with a fire line burning behind them; a very rustic old cement stoop with a door partway open titled "always open" and the graffiti on the remaining cement bridge abutments of an old bridge. There were more images though it was a small gallery show. What struck me was the varied images and then the written words of the photographers talking about their concept of spirituality. Spirituality was evident in relationships, nature and inanimate objects. And that came through in the photography. It renewed my interest in photography and reminded me of the project "Befriending Winter" that I did a few years ago, which consisted of photography and prose/poetry. I posted awhile back with the title "Contemplation" where I shared "Inward Journey". Today my husband downloaded and added the picture that I took that went with the writing. I think this year is a good year for me to focus on photography and spirituality, so I will be posting more pictures as the year progresses. I'll also share more of my poetry/prose writing, which I haven't really done in a public forum before.

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