Saturday, March 3, 2007

Being Nana....

Today was one of those wonderful days when I get to spend the day with my grandchildren. My son-in-law was out of town and my daughter needed to work, so the three kids and I spent the day together. Being a Nana is so much different than being a parent, and I love the ability to just focus on the kids and enter their world. As a mom, I always had so much on my plate that I didn't really have that much time to just focus on the kids and be with them in their world. So today, the kids and I cleaned their playroom in the basement to begin with. It was a mess!! It wasn't my idea - that would have been more what I would have done in my mothering days - it was my nine year old granddaughters idea because her room is in the lower level and she's the one a big mess most effects. So, at her suggestion we picked up everything and sorted, and put things in their place. My grandson, who is three, watched a movie while we cleaned - actually, my five year old granddaughter spent more time watching the movie than cleaning too! We finished this task at around lunchtime, and I made lunch for my grandson and put him down for his nap and gave the girls a snack because our lunch wouldn't come until around two. My youngest daughter was bringing lunch for the girls and I, so we went down and started putting up our Polly Pocket houses and getting ready to "play Polly's" as the girls put it. We had gotten all set up and were playing when our lunch arrived around 2 p.m. It's fun to play dolls with the girls, because I learn a good deal about them in their play. The five year old will get really silly sometimes and we laugh alot! After my daughter came and we had lunch, we decided to color together. This is one of the girl's favorite things to do together - we have a huge set of markers and coloring books (Nana has this at her house too!) and we choose pictures then spend time coloring. It's really fun - we give the pictures to each other when we're done. At any time you can come to Nana's house and find pictures done by the girls on Nana's fridge! We also watched a movie later too - for a little relaxing time to snuggle together. Mom came home and she, my youngest daughter and the two girls decided to go to a movie so I stayed with my grandson until dad came home about fifteen minutes later. Then I headed for home. It was a good day - I love just hanging with the kids. No pressures, nothing that has to get done, just enjoying their company and doing the things they love to do. We talked about summer and going swimming together, we talked about the next time they come for an overnight to Nana's house, and we had a good day. I love those children - and did you know I have a fourth grandchild on the way? These three will have a little brother or sister in July - and Nana can't wait to spoil that one too!!

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