Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Great Minnesota Get Together!

Yesterday I went to the State Fair with my daughter and three granddaughters and we had a delightful day. It was in the 80's - almost too warm, but it was still beautiful. One of my favorite things about the State Fair is the food - and we ate our way from one end of the grounds to the other! Because there were four of us (Anya, the almost 7 week old obviously wasn't sharing our food!) we would get something and each try a few bites - that way we got to sample more stuff! So we had: pronto pups, mini donuts, french fries, roasted corn on the cob, Luigi's fries (breadsticks with cheese and marinara dip), Italian Ice, caramel apples and popcorn. Now, you would think with a combination like that at least one of us would get sick!! I talked to the girls today and we all did just fine. And even with all the walking we feel good today. It makes me thankful that I lost all the weight I have - I had no problems walking and even piggybacked Jayden (the five year old) about half the time we were at the fair. Two years ago I wouldn't have been able to handle the walking!! The other thing I find amazing about the State Fair is that I have lived in the Twin Cities area a huge portion of my adult life, and yet there are thousands of people and I never see anyone I know! My daughter ran into her chiropractor and they both live in Buffalo outside the Twin Cities - go figure! Because we had the baby with us we didn't go into any of the buildings, barns, etc. We did go to the Kiddie ride area and did some rides with the girls. I went on the first one with Jayden and it turns out the ride stopped halfway through and went backward - I was fine until then! I didn't think I'd go on any more, but after sitting for awhile we decided to ride the ferris wheel. Keyara wanted to and Jayden wasn't sure. But, we talked Jayden into it and the three of us rode. Jayden liked it so much we came back later and rode it again! The girls were both having fun, mom and I enjoyed it and even little Anya was as good as gold - so it was a good day. I love my family and I so much treasure the times we can do things like this together. Life is good.

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redheadrev said...

Welcome to RevGals from another Noob! I went to college in MN and I miss it! I loved going to the fair. My friends and I would go as soon as we got back to school each Fall semester!