Monday, September 3, 2007

Wonderful Day Off

Labor Day weekend and that means I had today off - a rare and pleasant occasion! I just putzed around the house this morning and didn't really even get dressed until about lunch time. Made lunch for my hubby and I and then headed out to do some errands. First place, of course, was to Starbucks for a frappacino light! Went to Party America and got bubbles for Rally Sunday. Went to World Market and bought two baskets for the living room bookcases so we could store our CD's in them. And then I went to Jade Nails and had a pedicure and manicure - what a wonderful luxury. Do you know how good it feels to have your feet soaked in a jacuzzi like tub while you sit in a chair that gives you a massage? And then someone trims your toenails, massages your feet, and does all the things that are needed to make your feet look great? All the while you just sit in a massage chair! I had never had a pedicure until this year because I could never really afford it. And even though it's an incredibly unnecessary luxury I really love it! I had a manicure as well and then I went grocery shopping. Got that all done, came home and made dinner and ate with my hubby - which these days is also a luxury because I'm usually gone at least three nights a week. Then, I made a huge pot of chili to freeze in small containers so he and I can have 'pre-made' lunches during the week. All in all it was a productive day! And, it was also relaxing. I seldom get to do any shopping and I took my time and enjoyed the day. What a wonderful gift a day off is, and I really enjoyed it!

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