Thursday, August 30, 2007

Grace Happens

Everyday I see in life ways that God's presence is evident. I remember when I was younger "looking for God in all the wrong places" - or in other words, trying to figure out where God was and working hard to ensure I was doing the "right" things to let others know God was surely in MY life! Thankfully I have grown enough in my faith to understand that God is never missing - that it isn't my action that determines anything, but that God is ever present in our lives and in our world drawing all of us to reconcilliation. God is always drawing us toward the good for ourselves and all creation - and if we just clear our eyes we begin to see it. I saw it this morning in a two hour conversation with a woman who is hurting. God is in the midst working within and around her for reconcilliation in marriage and relationship. I saw it this afternoon in conversation with a new assisting minister and in his life and journey of recovery. Life is full of God - if we just let go of our need to put God in our boxes and allow ourselves to be open to his presence. It's a relief too, because we can let go of our perfectionistic need to 'do the right thing' or 'be the right way'. We can let go of our judgment of others because we understand that God loves everyone - we have no higher status because we're "Christian". God desires reconcilliation with all creation - God works in the lives of all people, everywhere, at all time. How? Can't really tell you - I just know it's true! God's way are beyond our ways. Whatever God chooses to accomplish will happen - I trust that and I see the reality of God's love most clearly in relationship. Even when relationships are fragile and fragmented, God is always drawing us toward possibility. When we read scripture we see evidence that God never gives up on creation - and sometimes I wonder why. We've certainly made a mess of things! But it is God's nature to love, to forgive, to extend mercy.... even when, NO ESPECIALLY when, we least deserve it. Grace is amazing. It is extended to us and it is a gift.

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