Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday morning blues

Well, it's Monday morning and today I was thinking how much more clearly I see why some pastors take Monday off! I choose to take Friday off because it affords the opportunity to do some things on Fri. and Sat. that I want to be involved in - such as the spiritual direction training program I am part of. But, it is also costly at times. Yesterday I had a full day from 7 a.m. until 9:30 pm. with an hour and a half break to have lunch and take a drive with my husband. It was a good day and I feel good about the meetings and planning that took place. But, I had an early call to be at the hospital for a parishoner who is having surgery and now at 10 a.m. I am feeling kind of weary. Thankfully, there is an ebb and flow to these times - sometimes too busy and then sometimes reprieve. Parish ministry can never really be called a "job" because it is more a way of life where flexibility is required. Understanding and flexibility on the part of my husband and family is crucial for me to be able to fully commit myself to parish ministry and for the most part I have that. They are flexible, just at times disappointed that I cannot be available for them sometimes when my schedule doesn't permit. Today I have other visits to make and another evening meeting so it will be a longer day than I would like. I live about 35 minutes drive from church so going home for lunch or dinner makes for much too much driving in this day of costly fuel. Within the next month we will begin housesitting about 5 minutes away from the church and we are looking forward to that because I can realistically join my husband for dinner almost every night! It will be a welcome change from being away for dinner at least three nights a week. So, as ministry continues God's blessings are evident and I am grateful. Even when I am tired and Monday morning feels more like the end of the week than the beginning!

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