Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Littliest Granddaughter

My youngest granddaughter is four years old, and at times when I have her with me for overnights it seems like she's much older! This past week she came for a visit and stayed overnight. The next morning she was getting dressed and told me to close the door so our dog Izzy couldn't come in because, according to her, "it's not appropriate for Izzy to see me changing my clothes". She cracks me up! It is such a joy to watch her and share time with her. She says "comfty" instead of comfy and I love the way she says it. She uses words like appropriate, interrupting, and told me her dolly was sick and had 'erlichiosis' - which is something she had in July (from a tick bite) and I thought she had forgotten the word! She loves clothes and changes them at least two or three times a day! But what I love most is the way she hugs me - she puts her whole self into it. She will take my face between her little hands and tell me she loves me - it makes life so awesome to be a Nana!!

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