Monday, November 14, 2011

Special Saturday

Saturday was one of those lazy, nice days where it was warm enough to spend time outside. I was at my daughter's for the weekend to help with the kids while dad was hunting and mom had previous commitments. So, between shuffling kids from place to place and having an extra friend there for my grandson, I got to spend a few solid hours outside with my youngest granddaughter. She is such a joy to me, young and sweet, and a natural outdoors kind of child. We drew with chalk on the sidewalk, played hopscotch, walked in the neighbors field picking up corn left behind when combined, shucked the corn because 'dad uses it for the birds', drew more pictures, played more hopscotch, and then walked down the driveway and got the mail. I was getting colder as it was colder outside, and I had to talk her in to going inside, but we both loved the outdoor time. I had wanted to take a run, but this by far exceeded anything a run might have done for me. I am so grateful to live close to my family and to have these days where I can simply enjoy the kids and spend quality time with them. What a gift!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Living Life

As a person who has worked in the health care system, I have always been aware of how vulnerable life is. I don't remember being as aware when I was a young mother with young children as I have become over the years. And now, when my grandchildren are sick or experiencing health issues, my knowledge isn't helpful - and neither is my imagination! But this year I have gotten a deeper insight into what I have always known about life being vulnerable. I am a cancer survivor. Wow, that is the first time I have written that - and it's been seven months since my diagnosis and surgery. It was a scary time and going into surgery I knew I could come out with either negative or positive news - fortunately for me, my cancer was caught at Stage 1A. For those familiar with staging, 1A is the best possible scenario if you have cancer! I have been working on diet, exercise, sleep and enjoying life. But, I am approaching my recheck with scans, blood tests, and doctors examination and I find that when I'm honest with myself I am scared. I really feel good and I really want to be cancer free, but it is a reality that life is vulnerable and we never know. And so, I have been enjoying my grandchildren in new ways and am even more committed to being in their lives and loving them unconditionally. As my Mayo expert in oncology told me, "As far as cancer goes, you have the best case scenario and there is no reason to think it will return. Having said that, we both know we could walk out of here and die tomorrow in a car accident. There are no guarantees." So - I am a cancer survivor - and a person committed to appreciating life and those I love, especially my grandchildren!