Friday, January 25, 2008

Unexpected Miracle

I've always thought of life as a miracle - or at least I have since the birth of my first daughter. There is something awesome about giving birth and watching a little one grow. My first daughter is now thirty-three with four children, and I have been amazed by the gift of each of them. What a wonder they are - and what a wonder life is! That is even more imprinted in my mind because of the events of the last week. My lovely husband of three years had a heart attack early Monday morning. We are so grateful he is doing so well!! We have become aware and thankful for emergency rooms, helicopters, excellent surgeons and nurses, life saving drugs, and the support of family and friends, and most importantly the reality of God's grace and presence in all aspects of life. Life is truly precious. I have known this through working as pastor, chaplain, and hospice spiritual care coordinator. Somehow, when you come face to face with the possibility of death it becomes even more clear. My bishop called today and during our conversation he reiterated something he had once heard. He said that most of us live with the belief that death is a possibility and life is a certainty, when in reality life is a possibility and death is the certainty. Wow - it is true. How grateful I am today for the possibility of life - for the possibility for more time with my dear husband whose gentle, kind heart is stronger today because of the quick action that saved his life.