Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another snow storm

Another snow storm for St. Cloud today - and west of us, so I didn't drive to Paynesville for work. That's okay - this is Holy Week and the end of the week will be so busy that I'll easily make up the hours. It's a dark, overcast day that's good for staying in and maybe even taking a nap! I talked to my daughter today and she's just 45 minutes south of me, but they aren't getting any snow. Weather patterns are interesting! This morning we had a television repair man out for an appointment we had made last week. He came from the west and said the roads were terrible. It's interesting, because when I was younger, and even until about five years ago, I would have gone out and driven to work. I felt it was so important that I be there. Now, with a little age and wisdom, I realize what's most important is safety. I trust my driving, but not everyone else's! And so, I rearranged a church meeting tonight so that no one has to be out and driving. It seems to me to be sensible to reschedule things instead of risking accidents and injuries. I wonder about why I didn't reach this place sooner - where wisdom rules over an overactive sense of responsibility to follow through with things planned. Nothing is hurt by making a change. Nobody suffers, and in fact, everybody has the freedom to stay put in a warm, dry home. I used to think that older folks were just silly and cautious - and now I feel humbled by the fact that they really were just wiser. Maybe there is hope for me to live a life of wisdom yet!!

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Sanning said...

I have to smile as I read about yet another snowstorm (last week), and I believe there is another now--or maybe it's a smirk! The hot sun was beautiful today with a cool breeze off the Bay... ;)