Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stalking Spring

Today the temperature was 45 degrees when I decided to take a two mile walk. It was wonderful - air was fresh, breeze was cool, and the sun kept trying to lose the clouds. This is the kind of day that makes me feel as if I am stalking spring. You know, just making myself obvious to her, wooing her, trying to persuade her to stay around and warm my life. I know of course that it's futile. It is, after all, Minnesota on the 21st of February and it is not realistic to think it will remain warm. There is snow in the forecast for the weekend, and the temps are going down. But, oh, how much I long for spring to be here to stay. To usher my sluggish body into awareness and out of the deeply ingrained desire to hibernate! I loved the feeling of exercising my body outside in the fresh air, absorbing the sights and sounds of the neighborhood as I internally process thoughts on varied subjects, letting my mind roam where it will while my body roams the streets. I'll go forward with hope, knowing that sooner or later spring will be forced to stay with me, at least for awhile. Until then I'll take whatever opportunity to stalk her that I can - hoping to somehow convince her to stay.

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aimeemn77 said...

Mom I am really glad you're doing this blog. You are and have always been a great writer. I know you want to accomplish writing a novel before you die so hopefully this will help motivate you to do so.